Relationship Center

Associates are the essence of ABES 'existence and performance. The entity is aware that it is essential to keep them satisfied, informed and engaged, providing them with guidance and prompt service.
To this end, the association prepared itself for the growth of demands and implemented, in September 2012, the ABES Relationship Center, an interactive communication channel to answer and direct all requests, doubts, suggestions, opinions and criticisms from associates and other audiences that contact it.
The daily objective of the center is to offer consistent and quality service, capturing the needs and expectations of those looking for ABES.
Through this area, ABES started to count on a continuous opinion survey system, aiming at improvements in procedures, in attendance and in the creation of new services.
The pursuit of excellence through high-level services, transparency and solid relationships is part of ABES 'strategy to remain relevant, always evolving in order to be connected with the global reality and offering increasingly relevant results!
It will be a pleasure to receive your contact!
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