– Collaboration between Qlik and AWS will increase innovation through new investments to advance the development of reliable Generative AI solutions

– Under a multi-year agreement, the collaboration will provide support for the development of AI applications, improve customer data utilization, simplify data compliance and accelerate AI adoption

– More than 7,000 existing customers can experience the benefits through Qlik Cloud solutions on AWS

THE Qlik®, a global leader in data integration, analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), announces the signing of a Strategic Collaboration Agreement (Strategic Collaboration Agreement – SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS). New targeted investments will simplify the path to trusted and secure enterprise AI by combining Qlik solutions with AWS cloud and Generative Artificial Intelligence technologies.

“Our Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS will accelerate our customers’ ability to use data and AI to increase their competitive advantage,” said Casey George, Executive Vice President of Global Sales at Qlik. “Together, we are investing to make AI more tangible and actionable, to enable companies to capitalize on their databases. This focused collaboration will provide practical, industry-specific applications.”

“This collaboration with Qlik helps customers leverage advanced analytics and cloud technologies more effectively in Generative AI implementations,” said Chris Grusz, General Manager of Technology Partnerships at AWS. “Our combined efforts are focused on simplifying how companies integrate and leverage AI to achieve measurable gains.”

Qlik and AWS will collaborate on a series of strategic initiatives, each designed to deliver specific benefits in four key areas:

– Boost the development of AI applications: The Strategic Collaboration Agreement will accelerate innovation that enables customers to realize value from Generative AI applications, including seamless integrations with AWS Generative AI services such as Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service offering a choice of base models (Foundation Models – high-performance FMs) from leading AI companies through a single API, along with a broad set of capabilities that organizations need to build Generative AI applications with security, privacy, and responsible AI.

– Improve the use of SAP data: The collaboration will enable customers to derive greater value from their SAP data when migrating their data environments, enabling modern solutions that leverage Qlik's broad data integration capabilities for SAP and non-SAP data sources.

– Simplify data compliance: The collaboration will further enable compliance, privacy, and sovereignty requirements in other AWS Regions. This will support customer migration and innovation while adhering to critical regulatory standards such as the Federal Authorization and Risk Management Program (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program – FedRAMP) in the United States.

– Accelerate the adoption of AI: Qlik and AWS will step up joint marketing and sales efforts with investments designed to accelerate customer success with trusted enterprise AI.

“Our long-standing collaboration with Qlik and AWS has equipped HARMAN to enhance its enterprise operations through a strong foundation of data and analytics. Through this partnership, HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions is also helping its customers streamline, simplify and modernize enterprise operations and embrace AI-based differentiators,” said Nick Parrotta, President of Digital Transformation Solutions and Chief Digital and Information Officer at HARMAN .

“We strengthen our collaboration with Qlik to deliver best-in-class data-driven solutions to our HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions enterprise customers, including insights based on Generative AI, contextual suggestions, large-scale data processing, embedded graphics, analytics and governed self-service,” adds Parrotta.

This Strategic Collaboration Agreement seeks to simplify business adoption of data integration solutions, analytics and cloud-based AI. The collaboration will focus on scaling co-selling initiatives to provide additional support and resources, simplifying how global enterprises leverage the combined capabilities of Qlik and AWS.

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