The solidified union makes it possible to achieve 20% in increased revenue for customers, a gain of up to 400% in operational efficiency with internal backoffice processes and 30% in cost reduction 

As business complexities and challenges evolve, strategic partnerships between organizations have become not just a smart tactic, but often an imperative necessity. The union of OmniK and Vtex, companies that come together to boost the scalability of marketplaces, represents a significant milestone in the retail scenario. OmniK, which is part of the FCamara Group, is recognized for its expertise in transforming businesses into large marketplaces; Meanwhile, Vtex is one of the world's leading digital commerce solution providers.

“This partnership not only simplifies the journey for entrepreneurs who want to enter the world of marketplaces, but also offers robust solutions to those looking to maximize their potential. With it, the scalability of platforms becomes a reality accessible to everyone, promoting economic development and the expansion of opportunities”, mentions Matheus Pedralli, CEO of Omnik, a company in the FCamara Group, a technology and innovation ecosystem that enhances the future of business.

Alliances like this, when well planned and executed, have the power to create synergies, add value to customers and transform entire sectors. According to a study by the Edelman Trust Barometer, 84% of sales processes in the B2B scenario begin after a market recommendation. In other words: companies trust each other to choose partners, suppliers and service providers. Selecting robust partners, with a solid presence, makes them capable of providing appropriate solutions that contribute significantly to the success of any business.

Together, OmniK and Vtex offer a synergy of knowledge and technology that allows entrepreneurs and companies to improve their e-commerce operations, expand their markets and increase their profitability. Today, customers who use the solutions from this partnership guarantee an increase of up to 400% in operational efficiency, 20% in increased revenue and 30% in cost reduction.

“Often, companies come to us because they face limitations in scaling their marketplaces. We deliver catalog management with artificial intelligence that supports automated matching and blocks drastic price reductions, financial management with an integrated cycle and after-sales with service SLA, among other essential services to improve operations. We have already built some of the main marketplaces in Brazil, such as Marisa, Lojas Amaro and the Pague Menos group. The combination of OmniK's flexible solutions with Vtex's robust and scalable platform creates an environment conducive to sustainable business growth”, concludes Pedralli.

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