Technology multinational made it possible to see in real time the registration stages of promotional caps, with complete control and monitoring of the action

TIVIT, a Brazilian multinational that accelerates business through technology, developed a personalized solution to help the Heineken Group, a leader in the premium drinks segment, to practically eliminate the occurrence of possible fraud in bottle caps used for prize-winning actions.

Using the Product Discovery & Delivery solution from TIVIT's Digital Solutions area, a platform was developed with online access and a mobile application to provide the beverage company with a complete and real-time view of registrations, centralizing the validation of caps in a safer. 

The platform contributed to the prevention of possible fraud and enabled the control and monitoring of all action processes. In addition, the portal also generated periodic reports that facilitated Heineken's financial management, to fulfill agreements with partners. 

According to TIVIT's Digital Director, Erik Nakandakare, one of the main vulnerabilities was the insertion of promotional codes, present in the caps, which could generate duplications. “Before implementing this solution, fraud occurred due to the insertion of the same PIN Code by more than one establishment. The system used in previous actions was unable to cross-reference data efficiently and safely, which harmed customer rewards”, explains Nakandakare.

The project lasted around two and a half months and mobilized professionals from the areas of software development, agility and product design. The platform created by TIVIT now has three flows to facilitate usability, with the first part of the process being the home screen, with a login area, search field, presentation of already registered PIN Codes, among others. 

The second is the PIN Code validation phase, with a registration link, presentation of rules, point of sale information and validation button. Finally, the success screen, which contains the button to validate the new code and the point of sale search link, all available in the promotion application. 

“The reduction of 99% in possible fraud in the 'Tampinha Premiada' action is the greatest proof of the success of our partnership with TIVIT. Furthermore, the platform gave us greater control over the data released, monitoring establishments and representatives, identifying products and regions that generated the most exchanges and generating reports according to each need. With the success of this action, we know that we can count on TIVIT for new successful projects.”, concludes Alvaro Diogenes Bastida, IT Manager – Solution Delivery Leader at Heineken. 

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