Conceived by ABES, the action completes one year in the week
on which World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated

The “Legal Entrepreneur” initiative completes its first year of operation in the week that celebrates World Intellectual Property Day, April 26, instituted by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). During this period, more than 12 events and advertising campaigns were carried out in cities such as Salvador (BA), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), São Paulo and Barueri (SP) and Jaraguá do Sul (SC), highlighting the importance of legalized software in the middle corporate. The action has the Legal Entrepreneur Portal, which concentrates vast content on Brazilian and international laws against Unfair Competition and the defense of Intellectual Property. The portal had more than 23 thousand unique accesses in this period.
Launched in April 2013, the action was conceived by ABES (Brazilian Association of Software Companies) to alert businessmen about the risks of using illegal software and to raise awareness of the problems of unfair competition involving any type of illegal advantage used to reduce operating costs or increase margins. Software piracy falls into this category. In the same year, the CNCP (National Council to Combat Piracy) recognized the effort of this project, with the National Award to Combat Piracy, in the Economic Axis category. For the next month, the Management Manual is scheduled to launch, to facilitate the management of software assets in companies.
“It is very gratifying to complete our first year of work with this action that has helped to create an environment of fair competition in the country. Respect for property rights promotes local innovation and job growth. In addition, it encourages mutual respect among all industries and builds a more competitive market, bringing a positive and sustainable impact on the economy ”, says Jorge Sukarie, president of ABES.
Portal Content
Redesigned in 2014, the ABES portal ( brings extensive content with research, studies and market reports on the responsible use of software in the corporate market, as well as educational materials that address respect for intellectual property, in addition to providing access to the Entrepreneur Legal Channel with videos from specialists in the Brazilian market Software and entities related to the business environment, with themes to encourage entrepreneurs, at
The portal also provides access to the Anonymous Complaints Against Software Piracy website, which has received more than 34,000 anonymous reports, strengthening the investigative work of police authorities across the country to identify outbreaks of piracy.

The initiative is supported by Apex-Brasil; ABPI (Brazilian Intellectual Property Association); BSA - The Software Alliance; CNC (National Conference on Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism); CNCP (National Council to Combat Piracy); ETCO (Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics; MBC (Competitive Brazil Movement) and Sebrae (Brazilian Service to Support Small and Micro Enterprises).
Apex-Brasil considers the use of original software and the defense of intellectual property essential. "The more our companies become rigorous in adopting good practices, the better results we will have for the internationalization of business, for exports of national products and the country's image", says Mauricio Borges, president of APEX-Brasil.
World Intellectual Property Day
Established by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), World Intellectual Property Day, April 26, is an opportunity to promote discussion on the importance of protecting innovations and recognizing creativity.

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