On November 6th, at the end of the ABES CONFERENCE 2023, an event held by ABES – Brazilian Association of Software Companies in São Paulo, Movimento Brasil, País Digital released the names of the new professionals who won the Brazil Protagonist Award, Digital Country, which aims to recognize leaders from the public and private sectors, as well as civil society, who stood out for their projects and actions with social impact in the area of information technology. These are people and organizations that are driving the digital and inclusive transformation of our country. The initial selection of nominees is carried out by a committee made up of representatives from ABES, the press and other institutions. In a second phase, the movement opens to popular voting to choose the winners.

Camila Murta, Jamile Sabatini Marques and Andriei Gutierrez

In 2023, the professionals who won the award as protagonists are: Camila Cristina Murta, administrative lawyer working in Public Bodies and private initiatives, specialist in Municipal Public Law, postgraduate degree in Constitutional and Administrative Law; Claudio Lucena, professor at the State University of Paraíba, member of the 1st Composition of the National Data Protection Council, Advisor to INOVATEC, innovation agency at the State University of Paraíba; Guilherme Dominguez, lawyer, teacher, speaker and entrepreneur. Co-founder and CEO of BrazilLAB, a govtech innovation hub that connects startups to the Government; Solomon Cunha Lima, Social entrepreneur, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and Head of Institutional Relations at the Social Opportunity Institute. He has an MBA in International Relations from FGV, with certifications in LGBTI+ Leadership from Stanford University and Queen's University.

Vanda Scartezini, Guilherme Dominguez and Andrie Gutierrez

In addition, plaques of recognition were handed out to the Ambassadors of Brazil, Digital Country, a category that recognizes professionals, public figures, politicians and members of the Academy, based on the nomination made by the commission formed by representatives of ABES. This year, the honorees are the vice-president and minister of the MDIC Geraldo Alckmin; the Senator Efraim Filho, a Brazilian lawyer and politician, affiliated with União Brasil (UNIÃO); Roseli de Deus Lopes, researcher of technologies applied to education and professor at the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering at the USP Polytechnic School; It is Paulo Milliet Roque, businessman, founding partner and current president of ABES.

Paulo Milliet Roque, Roseli de Deus Lopes and Andriei Gutierrez

Andriei Gutierrez, coordinator of Brazil, Digital Country and vice-president of ABES, led the ceremony revealing the 2023 honorees. “Our main flag is to work tirelessly to build a Nation Project that is more digital and inclusive. Over the 7 years of our movement's existence, we are proud to recognize and honor those who are dedicating their efforts to driving progress in building a more digital and less unequal country. It is with great joy that we carry out these tributes, further strengthening our network of people committed to inclusion, digital literacy and innovation. We are deeply grateful to each of the honorees for inspiring us and making a difference in their communities”, concludes Andriei.

Andriei Gutierrez

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