THE is a digital hub that connects those who need to be vaccinated with those who vaccinate, which was created by a group of professionals with many years of experience in managing clinics and vaccination services. The company is committed to providing the most practical and cost-effective solution for accessing high-quality immunization services. The specialized clinics, pharmacies and other vaccination services that are part of the they are agents approved by a rigid evaluation and validation process, most of which are traditional clinics with extensive experience in individual and corporate vaccination.

With this agreement, made possible through CAESBRA, ABES associates will have access to differentiated prices and conditions for purchasing vaccines and carrying out preventive health campaigns for their employees and dependents. In addition, they can count on the advice of specialized professionals to advise on which is the best option for each case. Differentials

  • Service throughout Brazil;
  • Delivery guarantee in contract;
  • Billing only for orders placed;
  • Flexibility in the form of vaccination: In company or in approved clinics and pharmacies;
  • Real-time monitoring through the Jenner System, made available by;
  • Specialized service team, available from Monday to Monday.

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