Health insurance

ABES, with the objective of ensuring more tranquility and safety to the health of employees and their dependents at this challenging moment, brings news in the offer of health plans in 2021. The Assistance Box of Software Companies and Complementary Services in Brazil CAESBRA) negotiated a new policy with Seguro Saúde Bradesco, the market leader in the segment.

Now, members can contract plans with national or regional coverage, from a range of 10 plan options in 2 modalities: with or without co-participation. Companies are able to save up to 40% in health care costs for their employees and dependents. And there is no grace period to be fulfilled: as of the term of the contract, all procedures will be available, without a grace period.

The operator has invested in applications and digital tools, which provide a series of services and facilities, including assistance by doctors from the network referenced by video, with different specialties for distance consultations, available 24 × 7, including holidays.

Other differentials of Bradesco Health Insurance are:

Novamed Network

The benefits offered by Seguro Bradesco Saúde include Novamed's own network of clinics, which, in addition to face-to-face medical consultations, allows laboratory and image exams to be carried out in comfortable facilities with a technological structure and service with qualified professionals.

My Doctor Network

It is a new network, in which the patient can access the doctor's agenda, make an appointment by cell phone or computer and be seen more quickly and safely. He has several specialties with personalized service, such as a family doctor, minimizing the need to travel to the emergency room of a hospital. Simply access the beneficiary's exclusive area on the website (

  • Click on the “My Doctor” link
  • Activate your registration with the code that will be received by email
  • Choose the right doctor and time
  • Wait for the confirmation of the consultation by email. Ready!
  • Attention: 24h before the appointment, you will receive an SMS with information about the day and time of the appointment.

Advantage Club

The insured also counts on the Bradesco Seguros Advantage Club, which offers discounts in affiliated establishments, covering areas such as entertainment and leisure, automotive, department stores, education, gastronomy, health, among others. Drug discounts can reach up to 25% at accredited pharmacies, present in thousands of municipalities across the country. The benefit is offered by the insurance company in partnership with Orizon.

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