Programs for Incubated and Startups

In view of the growth in the number of incubators and startups in the Brazilian market, ABES created the Support Program for Incubated and Startups so that companies with these profiles can participate more actively in the associative movement and receive the fundamental services to be able to accelerate and qualify their development, in addition to taking advantage of specialized guidelines to increase their chances of success and longevity. 
To join ABES through this program, companies must evaluate the following conditions: 
Startups - need to meet two characteristics concomitantly, which are: foundation date less than 1 (one) year and billing below R$ 360 thousand reais per year.
Incubated - they also need to meet the following requirements: that they are in the incubation phase with the official entity (private or government) and that can confirm this situation by sending supporting documents.
The special conditions offered to members through the Support Program for Incubated and Startups of ABES include: 
  • exemption from membership fees;
  • payment of only 50% of the value of the lowest monthly fee in force, for a period of up to 24 months after the date of membership; 
  • support from the new Innovation and Promotion Directorate and the ABES team in assisting young companies;  
  • availability of associative services at no cost, including issuing certificates, in addition to free access to events directly organized by the entity.
Representatives of affiliated companies through the Incubated Program and Startups will not be able to run for elected office at the entity, but they will be able to vote in elections that are held during the term of the benefits. 
After 24 months of membership, the company will join the membership under normal conditions, with regard to the monthly membership fee and other rights and duties described in the entity's Bylaws.